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Blind Spot Fine Arts sells our work for licensing, as well as original prints for sale. Our  fine art imagery sells to corporate and commercial designers, architects, hotel art buyers, interior designers, etc. Blind Spot also creates licenses of art to larger corporations with needs for contemporary imagery. Clients looking for art for commercial and corporate spaces, real estate developments, retail spaces, restaurants, and images for commercial products will find a fun and sophisticated collection of fine art at Blind Spot. We invite you to view a sampling of Blind Spot Fine Arts images, and please note that serious buyers can be provided with style trends DVDs upon request.

“I chose the name Blind Spot Fine Arts because photographic art renders the world with more than the eye can see; it speaks to our blind spots.

My challenge with photography has always been to overcome the objective reality of the camera. Photography is inherently an unreal perception of time and space. After an image is ‘captured,’ we have to ask ourselves which is more real, the photograph or the actual memory of the moment in time. Photography, like all art, remakes, and in some cases restores our perception of the world.”

-  Marcia Treiger, owner and artist

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